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Even paradise is not immune to the arrow of time

Elon Musk warns against the universal antagonist:

People sometimes think technology just automatically gets better every year but actually it doesn't. It only gets better if smart people work like crazy to make it better. That's how any technology actually gets better. By itself, technology, if people don't work at it, actually will decline. Look at the history of civilizations, many civilizations. Look at, say, ancient Egypt, where they were able to build these incredible pyramids and then they basically forgot how to build pyramids. And even hieroglyphics. They forgot how to read hieroglyphics. Or if you look at Rome and how they were able to build these incredible roadways and aqueducts and indoor plumbing, they forgot how to do all of those things. There are many such examples in history. So I think we should always bear in mind that entropy is not on your side.