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Achieving simplicity requires critically observing and engaging a complex reality. Documenting the current state of reality based on material information and allowing it to govern the next move embraces natural constraints. Working within constraints any particular moment affords different modes of operating leading to potentially novel circumstances. Every instant has potential to show us something wonderful.

Material information can be thought of as the relationship between the When & the Where. These qualities of space and time tend to exist outside of the human sphere of knowing. How, Why, and What subsequently exist as emerging properties of an intellectual system resulting from the resolution or computation of material information. These emerging properties are not reducible to a material reality but instead are abstracted and removed. These intellectual creations do not exist in the Now.

The present experience, or Now, is merely a glimpse of material information. The Now is not concerned with questions of Why or How or What. While I do embrace these abstract qualities when they spontaneously appear in a piece of work, it is only as whimsical chance. Attempting to convey the How or Why or What in a piece of work is never the intention. Thus, these concepts are not considered as generative constraints informing the work. It is not about representation, symbolism, or any other complex human fabrication. Relying on the information embedded in the everyday material constructions and the self-organization principles naturally guiding a composition, clarity in communication becomes possible.

Material is the message.