Couture Negativ

Created in true analog fashion, the negatives are the prints

Pages torn from fashion magazines were sandwiched between a piece of glass and photo paper positioned over a 600-watt light source equipped with an on-off switch.

The photo paper ILFORD Multigrade IV RC Deluxe was designed for B&W film photography designed to map light density information. A black and white gradient is mapped onto the photo paper depending on amount and location of light received.

By flipping the power switch on then off immediately, enough light from the 600 watt bulb is absorbed by the photo paper to make clear visible distinction between white and black producing one blended image. Once the light information is collected, the photo paper is submerged in a sequence of chemicals designed to stop the light collection and make visible the black and white gradient image.

In the world of film photography, this is known as the negative. And to produce a negative one must work inside a room with no ambient light (dark room).