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STORY | A Boy & No Boy

There was a boy and there was no boy. Aboy became the nickname given to Adam by his Dad when he was born.

"It's a boy!"

Whereas everybody could see Aboy, nobody could see no boy so he wasnt given a nickname. Aboy didnt like that nobody could see no boy so he gave no boy a name - Nuboy. And as children oftendo, Aboy and Nuboy fast became friends.

But then the world and everything in it started happening to Aboy. Nuboy could only observe patiently. A-boy eventually became Adam and like everybody else he now saw no boy.

The invisibility grew throughout the formiddable schooling years as Adam's acknowledgement of Nuboy eventually dissolved completely. In Nuboy's absense, Adam made good grades, he stayed out of trouble, he played baseball, and out of habituation, Adam came to excel at being normal. While watching Adam pursue this obedient and proper future, Nuboy patiently maintained his non-existence and remained silent. It wasn't until years later, after holding his peace and keeping nice, that Nuboy, as the rigid structures of Adam's schooling began to recede, made a move...

2002 | bifurcation

...and Adam reciprocated renewing the forgotten friendship.

Nourished by a new start, Nuboy advises Adam to question the proper future laid out before him. This advice coupled with an opportunity to join a band with his longtime friend, convinces Adam that his future could wait a bit longer. So Adam, armed with just enough focus and coordination, learns to play drums and the band is formed. After the inital growing pains associated with starting anything, the band is ready to hit the road. Needing a band vehicle, Adam finds himself flying to Philadelphia to purchase a white cargo van found on Ebay and eventually driving back home stopping only once at a highway rest stop in order to catch a few hours of sleep before finishing the trip.

After purchasing an enclosed cargo trailer (using a credit card) and equipping the band van with a custom built AC window unit and sleeping accomodations, the touring could finally commence. (SPECIAL NOTE:The window Unit had the ability to chill the van to 60 deg in the sweltering hot southern summer. It was the best sleep Adam had ever had. Adam and the rest of the band wants to extend their sincere gratitude to the taxpayers of Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Macon, Valdosta, Mobile, Pensacola, Ponce de Leon and countless other municipalities for the use of their public utilities!)

2003 - 2006 | Banding w/ the Noise Revival>

After a few years performing in small venues and house parties, driving long stretches of empty dark highways, and searching for electrical outlets to plug the AC unit into, Adam quit the band life and decided it was time to move out to the vast ruralness where the Edwards Plateau meets the Texas Hill Country and build a shop where he and a friend could make metal shuffleboard tables...naturally.

2005-2007 | the Shuffleboard Years

Who would have thought that the market for metal shuffleboard tables was virtually non existent?! But not all was lost. Adam realized he loved to build stuff. So after a brief stint spending hours of uninterrupted contemplation time spent waiting for customers working at a pickup/dropoff dry cleaners operation, Adam headed north to UTA in order to fulfill his destiny and start his journey of becoming a famous architect. Adam learned allabout "poche" and "thick-wall-conditions" and "Le Corbusier" ... while Nuboy colored.

2008 | an architecturally blue house

In the first week of the third sememster in Architecture School, Adam's dad died. So Adam returned home to start over again. (Nuboy says that Adam likes to use his Dad's death as an excuse for quitting Architecture school but Nuboy knows better)

Adam set off on his own with the help of Nuboy to educate himself and continue a trajectory discovered in his first studio experience. Adam made daily trips to a local bookstore to drink coffee and finish readins assigned months earlier by his first year instructor Clay Odom. (It is important to note that Clay and Adam along with Sean O'Neill continue to work on projects together -- see LaRuche)

One article assigned, Homes: Meshwork or Hierarchy? by Manuel DeLanda was special. After reading this article Nuboy advised Adam to purchase a book written by Manuel Delanda entitled Intensive Science Virtual Philosophy - a book that would serve as a staple in Adam's self-education curriculum. Although he could only digest about 10 pages at a time, Adam finally finished reading the book - two times through, and eventually the remainder of the Delanda Catalog.

2008 - present | DeLanda and Neo-Materialism

Now inspired and liberated from this massive transformation in perspective, Adam directly enlisted the help of Nuboy. Adam would work in a Hotel Gift Shop while Nuboy would design a structure to be built where as a act of commemoration of sorts. After 9 months of design, development, fabrication, documentation, and construction, it was complete, along with a book (POTENTIAL by Adam Owens) that includes philosophy, drawings, and distillation of the entire process.

2008-2009 | POTENTIAL: anexact yet rigorous

After a few idle months, the two got back to work. Spurned by the need of art direction from a long time friend and former bandmate, they curated a fashion, art, and music event gathering local talent to participate. FAMe happened.

2009 | FAMe

After a few months, the two were feeling empty again and started writing a book about reality based on an intense thought Nuboy had one night - Everything is Information. Finding it necessary to dedicate an extended period of time to really focus, refine, and complete the book, the two made a trip to San Francisco finding amazing hospitality with a life long childhood companion. It was a simple yet elegant wayto spend the days - Walking then writing, writing then walking. The book was created.

2010 | BLAH(B) : the information of reality

But Nuboy and Adam started having problems. After finishing the book, Adam was exhausted and felt it was time to pursue convenience again. So he ignored Nuboy and got a job working for a software company. He managed to leverage all of the skills he learned in his formiddable schooling years and work his way into a project manager position. What an opportunity Adam thought. Nuboy knew better but let it happen.

And then just like that, Adam realized Nuboy was right. So he quit.

So the two went back out on their own and Adam started building tables again. (non-shuffleboard tables this time) He found satisfaction in this work. Nuboy liked it too but needed more. He convinced Adam to finally relinquish control. The two parted ways sympathetically yet somewhat ambivalently.

2011 - present | Adam Tablemaker

Adam still makes tables...so now it's Nuboy's turn.